Full Stack Web Developer specializing in programming, with skills in JavaScript, Bootstrap, MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js, SQL, and Python.

Experienced 3D Artist/Designer in the fast-paced Tradeshow industry working with digital design tools such as Adobe CS and 3DS Max. Works well when collaborating with others or independently.

Although I have a background in 3D visualization, I realized that my true passion is interactive 3D such as AR/VR/XR. I enjoy building and problem solving with programming along with 3D modeling.

I recently completed and earned a certificate in an intense Full Stack Coding Boot Camp at Northwestern University School of Professional Studies, acquiring real-world skills in JavaScript, React, Node, Express, MongoDB, MySQL, HTML/CSS, and Python.

My bootcamp experience, being self-reliant, having worked in a fast paced environment, and my passion for programming will position me well to become a strong programmer.

While taking a break from coding my family and I like to travel to at least one National Park every year. This past summer we visited Arches, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef National Parks in Utah.


Speak N Spell Word Game

Word guessing game in the style of an old Speak N Spell with sounds!

Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML Audio

Harry Potter Trivia Game

A trivia game that displays one question at a time until the player answers it or the timer runs out.

Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML Audio.

La-Z Ltrs App

As a member of a four person team, developed a CRUD web app with speech-to-text to create and send personalized cards using the Handwrytten robot writing service API.

Technologies: Handwrytten API, HTML5 Speech Recognition API, MySQL, Sequelize, Node.JS, Passport, bCrypt, Express, Express-Session, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX.


As a member of a four person team, developed a MERN stack community building app targeting refugee communities within Chicago and connecting them with local families to help facilitate a smoother transition.

Technologies: React.js, Node.js, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Express, ChatKit API, MapBox API, Cloudinary API.

Pokemon Memory Game

A React memory style game. Each time you click on a Pokemon, the cards will shuffle and your score increases by 1. If you click on the same Pokemon twice, you lose! If your score beat the top score it will become the new top score, and the current score resets to 0.

Technologies: React.js, Node.js, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Express.

3D Portfolio

A React.js Image Gallery of my 3D portfolio

Technologies: React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Google Books Search App

A MERN Stack Google Books Search app containing React components, helper/util functions, and React lifecycle methods to query and display books based on user searches.

Technologies: Node, Express, React, MongoDB, Heroku, mLab, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Google Books API

Sci & Tech News Scraper

A News Scraper App that stores scraped articles into a MongoDB database using Mongoose.

Technologies: MongoDB, Express, Express-Handlbars, Node.js

Bamazon CLI Storefront

A command line NODE.js app that can place an order, update stock, add new items and departments using relational tables.

Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, MySQL, and SQL


A command line NODE.js app that takes in parameters and gives you back data.

Technologies: Node.js, Axios, Node-Spotify-API, Moment.

ASP.NET Contact List App

A Contact List Web App developed in ASP.NET Framework and C# Language. Deployed and hosted on Azure.

Technologies:ASP.NET MVC, C#, Bootstrap, Azure

Eat Da Burger App

A burger restaurant app that lets users select a burger they'd like to eat and consume it with a click of the mouse. The user can also add a new burger to add to the burger list. The app also follows the MVC design pattern

Technologies: Node.js, an ORM made from scratch to handle MySQL statements, and Handlebars to generate HTML from templates.

Friend Finder Web App

A compatibility-based "FriendFinder" app that compares a user's answers with other users then displays a matching profile based on their scores.

Technologies: Node.js, Express.js, JavaScript, jQuery, and Boostrap.

Harry Potter RPG Game

RPG card game based on those characters.

Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML Audio.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

An Online multiplayer Rock Paper Scissors game using Firebase Realtime Database and Anonymous Authentication.

Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, CSS Grid, Firebase Realtime Database.

Giphy API App

A web app that uses the GIPHY API and Wikipedia API to make a dynamic web page that populates with gifs of your choice.

Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, CSS Flex Box, third party APIs

Charitable News Web App

A collaborative group project where we created an app that allows users to read news pertinent to the United States while being informed about related events/charity organizations.

Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, third party APIs